Since December 18th 2018, the immigration laws have been subjects to diverse changes particularly with regard to the penalties for an impaired driving charge [1].

As a result, most of impaired driving offenses are considered as “serious crimes” in Canada and the maximum penalties have been increased from five to ten years in prison.

If you face an impaired driving charge and are a temporary resident or a permanent resident in Canada, this could have considerable consequences on your immigration file.

In this regard, this accusation could potentially lead to your inadmissibility on the grounds of serious crime and therefore to a removal order from Canada according to the Immigration and Refugee
Protection Act.

This removal order applies to you once you have been convicted in Canada but also when you are convicted outside of Canada

DSo, it is wise to seek good advice in such situations and in the event that you are affected by such a removal order, it remains to be seen whether you have a right of appeal.


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