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Permanent residence

Permanent residence can be obtained in a number of ways either in Canada, or outside of Canada.It can be obtained on the basis of the immigration candidate’s skills and work experience or on the basis of various humanitarian aspects.For each situation, it is necessary to know exactly in which category the immigration candidate is eligible in and what are the documents and forms to be provided.
  • Sponsorship request
We know how important it is to keep families together, which is why it is possible to apply for a permanent residence in the sponsorship category.If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and you wish to bring your spouse, your parents or your children to Canada, there exists various categories of sponsorship that can apply to your situation.Again, it is important to know if the person wishing to sponsor and the immigration candidate are both eligible and meet the various criteria to submit such an immigration application.
  • Express Entry
Why not immigrate to Ontario or other regions outside of Quebec?The Express Entry program allows other Canadian provinces to recruit workers that best to meet their needs as well as the Canadian market’s.Express Entry program is a point-based system depending on many factors such as work experience, language skills, and the applicant’s qualifications.So, if you are a skilled worker who speaks English or French and wishes to settle in Ontario or in another Canadian province, you may be eligible to submit your application in the Express Entry program and thus obtain your permanent residence in 6 months..